Full Name
Janet Lai, MD
Job Title
Medical Director for Outpatient Quality
Organization Name
Kaiser Permanente
Speaker Bio
I have been a primary care physician at The Permanente Medical Group (TPMG) in Oakland for the past 18 years and am one of the Medical Directors for the Outpatient Quality Team. My focus encompasses various areas of health care prevention including cancer screening, diabetic retinal screening, fracture prevention, and alcohol and other drug use. I am also the Chair of the Community Outreach subcommittee of East Bay’s Comprehensive Cancer Committee.

I am proud to co-lead HouseCalls/Medico a Domicilio, an East Bay Kaiser Permanente E.I.D. initiative, designed to support, explore, encourage and educate (S.E.E.E). My passion is in health equity and improving the lives of those in our community.
Janet Lai, MD