Full Name
Kimberlli Walker
Job Title
Outpatient Quality Consultant III
Organization Name
Kaiser Permanente
Speaker Bio
Kimberlli Walker (she/her) currently holds the position of Consultant III of East Bay Kaiser Outpatient Quality and the Co-Leader of East Bay HouseCalls. Her primary role, in Outpatient Quality, involves improving preventive care practices by enhancing patient engagement and autonomy and increasing staff awareness. As a HouseCalls Co-lead, Kimberlli collaborates with the team to guide and develop the conversations between physicians in preparation for the live broadcast. Additionally, Ms. Walker is responsible for strengthening workflows, and assessing both qualitative and quantitative impacts.
Before relocating to California in 2006, Kimberlli founded the Healthworks Foundation Fitness Center. This wellness center, which emphasized mind, body, and spirit, was specifically designed for homeless women and children to empower them through the discipline of self-care. Kimberlli believes that women as the heads of households are the precipice of community healing and can act as a catalyst for change. The wellness center, dedicated to self-care, self-preservation, and self-actualization through health and fitness discipline, served over 5,000 homeless women and girls under Kimberlli's leadership.
With over 35 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, Kimberlli is committed to innovating ways to support, encourage, educate, and explore (S.E.E.E.) the needs of communities that have been marginalized and harbor generational distrust in the healthcare system.
Kimberlli Walker